Store Continuous Sum Responses In Hidden Values to Use in Logic Conditions

Many customers are looking for a way to set up logic based on the answers to Continuous Sum questions. While there's not a built-in way to achieve this, there is a pretty simple workaround! Using Hidden Values you can store the values entered in your continuous sum question and then use these fields to base your logic off of. Here's how!


  1. Start by setting up your Continuous Sum question and make sure that the Answer Format is set to Number on the Validation tab.
    Continuous Sum Answer Format
  2. On a page that follows your Continuous Sum Question add a Hidden Value for each row of your continuous sum question.
    1. To pull the value from the Continuous Sum row click the Select a Merge Code link below the Populate with the following field and select a single row/option from your Continuous Sum question.
    2. Then click the Insert button to insert the merge code; this merge code will be populated with the value the respondent entered in this specific row.
      Insert Answer Option via Merge Code
  3. Once you have a Hidden Value per row, the data stored in each of these will be available for logic setup for questions on the same page or later pages as the Hidden Values. To set this up edit your question and go to the Logic tab. Select the appropriate hidden value and complete your logic rule.
    Build Logic Rule

What If I Want to Use Percent or Currency Formatting?

If you are planning to use any of the greater than, greater than or equal, less than, or less than or equal operators these will not work in combination with the percent or currency validation as the characters are stored as part of the data. Your best bet is to use the number validation!

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