Billing FAQs

The Billing section of SurveyGizmo is accessible to Account Administrator users.

 How often will I get billed?

If on an annual subscription, you will be charged one payment for an entire year of SurveyGizmo. By default, accounts paid with a credit card will automatically renew 11 months from the date of the initial payment. In these cases, invoices are made available in your account's Billing section immediately following processing of the payment and there is no grace period.

If on a monthly subscription, you will be charged each month (the date of initial purchase and the corresponding date each subsequent month). Monthly accounts auto renew.

 Can I pay on a month-to-month basis?

Yes, SurveyGizmo Account subscriptions (Account Managed excluded) can be purchased monthly or annually. When activating your SurveyGizmo account, you will see the option to select either a monthly or annual subscription.

What happens if I downgrade my Legacy monthly account to free and come back?

Many of our monthly users are accustomed to downgrading to the free plan when they are not using SurveyGizmo. If you are on a Legacy Basic or Professional Plan account you can still downgrade to free, however, as of January 17, 2017, when you return you will only have the option to upgrade to one of the new SurveyGizmo | CE plans

 How do I pay an invoice?

You have two options for paying a SurveyGizmo invoice:

  1. Pay within SurveyGizmo - If you regularly log in to SurveyGizmo and have administrative user permissions, you can pay due invoices from within the application. To do so, go to Account > Billing. Find the invoice(s) with a balance and click the credit card icon in the Pay column.
  2. Email the invoice - If your billing contact does not regularly log in to SurveyGizmo, you might want to take advantage of our option to pay via an emailed invoice. To send the invoice to your billing contact, go to Account > Billing. Find the invoice(s) with a balance and click the envelope icon in the Email column.

 Can I download an invoice for my records?

Account administrators can access invoices within the account. Go to Account > Billing to see a list of invoices. Click on the Invoice # that you need in order to open/view the invoice (the invoice will open in a new browser tab/window).

Once your invoice is open, hover over the invoice to see options for rotating, downloading (PDF), and printing the invoice. These options are located in the upper right portion of the invoice. You also have the option to Email the invoice (in case someone else needs to execute payment).

 Does SurveyGizmo accept wire transfers?

SurveyGizmo accepts wire transfers for payment of Annual Account Subscriptions only. Accounts will be activated when SurveyGizmo is notified that funds have arrived in the SurveyGizmo account. 

All invoice charges are in U.S. Dollars. For wire transfers originating outside of the United States in another currency, please check the current exchange rate and adjust the amount sent. Should the amount received be different than the amount invoiced, the term of the account will be adjusted to reflect the amount received. 

Please note that additional fees may apply. Contact our support team with questions.

 Does SurveyGizmo charge taxes?

Depending on your location and the services that you are purchasing from SurveyGizmo, you may be required to pay a sales/use tax. If applicable*, this tax will be calculated and presented to you during account activation. Please contact our Sales team with questions.

Learn more by visiting SurveyGizmo's Sales Tax FAQ.

States/locations affected:

  • WA
  • CO (City of Boulder only)
  • TX
  • Washington DC
  • Canada

*If you are a Non-Profit organization, taxes will not be applied.

 Where can I find SurveyGizmo's W-9?

Depending on your purchasing processes, you may need a copy of SurveyGizmo’s W-9 form. SurveyGizmo’s full company name is SurveyGizmo LLC.

You can download a copy of SurveyGizmo's W-9 by clicking the below link:

SurveyGizmo W-9

 How do I update my billing information?

SurveyGizmo account administrators have the ability to update Account and Billing information by accessing Account > Billing

Note: The information that you input into the Contact and Billing fields within your SurveyGizmo account will be the exact information that appears on your invoices.

 Does SurveyGizmo accept Purchase Orders?

SurveyGizmo accepts Purchase Orders as payment for Account Managed accounts. We are not accepting Purchase Order Terms & Conditions - and will extend net 30 payment terms for those customers who qualify.

 Does SurveyGizmo offer a pay per survey billing option?

SurveyGizmo offers monthly and annual subscriptions. SurveyGizmo Enterprise Packages offer annual pricing only. A pay-per-survey option is not available.

  • Monthly subscriptions auto-renew each month, unless cancelled.
  • Annual subscriptions are active for twelve months from the date of purchase.

 Does SurveyGizmo offer a Non-Profit discount?

SurveyGizmo offers a 25% discount for annual SurveyGizmo accounts for registered non-profit organizations. Visit the Non-Profit documentation article for instructions on how to take advantage of this discount.

 Will SurveyGizmo fill out a Request for Product Information (RFP)?

If you are interested in n team solution inquire about our Enterprise Packages.

 What happens if I miss a payment?

There are occasional times when a payment is missed or payment does not arrive in a timely manner. 

As an Account Administrator, it is important to keep account contact information up to date in the Account Summary area of your account so that we can reach out to you in the event of a missed payment. 

SurveyGizmo will send a series of emails to the account contacts if payment is overdue. 

  • The first email notification regarding overdue payment is triggered the day after the missed payment and is sent to the email address listed under the Billing Info section under Account > Billing
  • After the initial email, SurveyGizmo will send several further emails to account contacts and users over a period of several days. 
  • Finally, an email will be sent to all account users indicating that the account has been deactivated. 

When an account is deactivated, surveys are closed and saved along with any data and reports associated with those surveys. The account can be reactivated again when all overdue invoices are paid and any needed credit card information is updated.

Please contact our support team with any questions.

 Does SurveyGizmo offer custom agreements and/or contracts?

Looking for the VIP treatment? SurveyGizmo Enterprise Packages offer custom agreements, large-scale user management, branding, a transition team and more! Learn more!

 Why does my subscription date and time not match up with when I paid?

Our billing system runs at midnight eastern time which might cause slight shifts in subscription start and end dates for some times zones.

 What happens if I downgrade in the middle of my billing cycle?

SurveyGizmo accounts and Legacy Basic and Professional Plan accounts can downgrade or delete their accounts within the application. All other accounts (including Account Managed accounts) must contact us to downgrade/cancel. If you have an Account Managed account contact our Sales team.

Important! Before you proceed, it's important to note the differences between cancelling your subscription and deleting your account.

Cancel Subscription

If your account is set to auto-renew and you do not wish to continue with your subscription you can cancel it. After cancelling your subscription, you will continue to have access to your account until the end of your current subscription term. Once cancelled, your account will not auto-renew.

  • Cancellation is available during the last 30 days of a subscription.
  • Cancellation is only available for accounts that are set to auto-renew.
  • At the end of the paid subscription, you will be presented with options to either upgrade to a paid subscription or downgrade to the Free Plan.

Delete Account

Unlike cancelling your subscription, account deletion is immediate. You may delete your account at any time. When you delete your account, all your data, projects, contacts, and collected responses are deleted and cycled out of our backups.

Once you confirm deletion, you will no longer have access to your account. Refunds will not be issued for unused time.

 What happens if I upgrade in the middle of my billing cycle?

When you upgrade your SurveyGizmo account, the change to your account status is immediate. The payment is prorated.

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