Troubleshooting With Your Survey Respondents

Do you have respondents reporting trouble accessing your survey? Not sure how to help them? Here are some good troubleshooting questions that are good to ask. These questions might help you to help them to get going with your survey. If not, their answers will help our support team to hit the ground running if you contact them for help!

  1. What is happening when they try to access the survey? Are you getting an error?
  2. What link are you using to access the survey? Have the survey respondent copy and send you the exact link they are clicking on. If the link on your Share tab uses www it must be in the share link for it to work.
  3. What browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) are you using to access the survey? Is it the most up to date version?
  4. What device are you using (Desktop, PC, Smart Phone, Tablet)? Have you tried another device?
  5. Are you on a company network? Can you try on another network? Sometimes people's work place networks have security settings that cause trouble. Having them try at home might solve the trouble, or, at least eliminates the network as the problem.

Is your respondent having trouble answering these questions? We use Support Details to help people that are not sure about their browser, device, etc. Simply send them the link; they'll be asked to enter an email address to send along the details, such as operating system, screen resolution, and browser. 

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