System Requirements for Using SurveyGizmo

 Accessing SurveyGizmo from outdated browsers

We take security very seriously. Using an outdated browser, specifically a browser that does not support TLS (Transport Socket Layer) 1.2,  exposes you to security flaws that put you, your data, and our system at risk.

If we have detected that you are using a browser that is affected by this update, you will see the below notification on the SurveyGizmo login page. You will need to install an up-to-date browser to continue using SurveyGizmo.

SurveyGizmo Browser Support

Note: At this time, this update will not affect your survey respondents.

Recommended Browsers for Application Use

We recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer for the speediest experience using the SurveyGizmo application.

If you are using the SurveyGizmo application on a mobile device, we recommend using up-to-date versions of a built-in mobile browser such as Safari, Android, and IE for Mobile.

Enterprise Mode

If you are using IE 9 or below and are not at liberty to update your browser, we recommend requesting that your IT department implement Enterprise Mode for the best experience. It is also worth noting that Microsoft has announced that starting January 12, 2016, older versions of IE are no longer supported:

IE users using high-security settings (generally between medium-high to high depending on the version) might run into issues when using the SurveyGizmo application. High-security settings may block JavaScript which SurveyGizmo uses to make the application interactive. 

Browser Support for Survey Taking

Survey taking is supported in all browsers. We support Android and iOS devices including Smart Phones and Tablets. We also test the survey experience on some additional devices including the Windows Nokia Lumina, the Amazon Fire tablet, and the Blackberry Playbook tablet.

SurveyGizmo supports all screen resolutions.

Other Requirements and Recommendations

Amazon Web Services Cloudfront

We load a number of resources from AWS Cloudfront. If your network is blocking this service you will likely run into trouble both when using the SurveyGizmo application and when responding to surveys.


The SurveyGizmo application requires cookies to function properly.


As with most other web applications JavaScript must be enabled on your browser in order to use SurveyGizmo.

Whitelisting SurveyGizmo IP Addresses and Domains

Sometimes you may run into deliverability issues and may need to whitelist SurveyGizmo domains or IP addresses to help resolve this issue. 

To access these domains and IP address just fill out our IP Address Request Form.

Country Restrictions

Users attempting to access SurveyGizmo (including survey taking) from within a U.S. sanctioned country will be blocked from doing so. This list currently includes:

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria

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