Whitelisting SurveyGizmo IP Addresses and Domains

Sometimes you may run into email deliverability issues and may need to whitelist SurveyGizmo domains or IP addresses to help resolve these issues. Refer to the below list of SurveyGizmo IPs and domains for whitelisting purposes.

IP Addresses for Survey Invites and Send Email Actions

Whitelist the below IPs to ensure Email Campaign and Send Email Action messages are received. Each IP has the dedicated datacenter associated:

  • (US & CA)
  • (US & CA)
  • (EU)

IP Addresses for Passing Data via Webhook Action & FTP/SFTP

Whitelist the below IPs if receiving data via Webhook Action or FTP/SFTP:

  • (US)
  • (US)
  • (US)
  • (EU)
  • (CA)

The following ports are allowed:

  • Port 80 for http
  • Port 443 for https

Commonly Used Domains

US Datacenter

EU Datacenter

CA Datacenter

Domains for Email Campaign Invite Links

While specific Email Invite domains are unique to each individual campaign, they follow a similar pattern, such as s-abcd1234-i.sgizmo.com.

File and Image Library URLs

These IP addresses are subject to change at any time.

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