Popular Articles

  1. How to Encode an Excel File to UTF-8 or UTF-16

    Encoding your Excel files into a UTF format (UTF-8 or UTF-16) can help to ensure anything you upload into SurveyGizmo can be read and displayed properly. This is particularly important when working with foreign or special characters in Email Campai...
  2. Using URL Variables to Pass Data

    URL Variables make for a quick method for pre-populating existing data into a survey. With a simple query added to the end of the survey link, data can be stored as part of each survey response.
  3. Change Icons for Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

    You can easily increase the size of the Radio Button and Checkbox icons in SurveyGizmo surveys so that they are easier for your survey respondents to select. An added benefit is that it is now easy to customize your icons to use cool things like &n...
  4. Send Your Survey Via Email

    A SurveyGizmo Email Campaign allows you to quickly send out your survey to a list of contacts via an email set up within SurveyGizmo. Contacts can be uploaded via a spreadsheet or added manually.
  5. Merge Codes: Dynamically Pull Data

    Merge Codes can be used throughout SurveyGizmo to dynamically pull and display data previously entered in your survey, or data from your account, email invitation...
  6. Create a Quiz

    Using a SurveyGizmo quiz you can create a pass/fail quiz or magazine-style tally quizzes – both of which score responses in real-time and give the respondent a score when they finish...
  7. Set Up Question Logic

    SurveyGizmo logic features allow you to customize your survey for each respondent. This will save your respondents from survey fatigue and improve your data quality.
  8. Create a Poll

    Polls are a quick and interactive way to ask a single question of your website visitors. You can also choose to display realtime results to your respondents!
  9. Create a Survey from a Word Doc

    Within SurveyGizmo you can create surveys using specifically formatted text copied and pasted from a Word document or other text editor.
  10. URL Redirect: Breaking Out of an iFrame

    Are you using an iframe embed to share a survey on your website? Are you also wanting to redirect respondents to another website once they have completed your survey? If so, this tip is for you! How does the URL Redirect work now? URL redirect in ...