How do I move a survey to another account?

We get this request quite a bit in Support. While you can't move a survey between accounts on your own, we're more than happy to move them for you!

Is there a charge?

We are able to move up to 10 surveys at no charge for paying accounts. Each additional survey will be $10. Surveys must be open in order to be moved.

If you are on the free account level, there will be a charge of $10 per survey.

What do you need from me?

Just fill out this Transfer Request Form. Here's what we'll ask for to complete your request.

  • The survey ID(s) and names
  • The account IDs for both accounts
  • Contact information for admins on both accounts
  • Signatures from admins on both accounts

Please note:

  1. We can only move a copy of the survey to a different account.
    • This means that the survey ID and share links will change in a survey move.
    • The survey style and any translations are copied as part of the transfer.
    • We cannot copy/move campaigns, contacts, links or themes.
  2. Question Library elements cannot be moved/copied into another account.
  3. Question and page elements linked to the Question Library must be unlinked. Learn more about linked elements including how to unlink them in our Question Library Tutorial.
  4. If you request to have your data transferred over as well, we will do our very best to make that happen. There are cases where the data does not transfer. If the data fails to transfer over, please take it upon yourself to use the Data Import tool and migrate the data over manually.

How do I find my IDs?

To get the Survey ID take a look at the URL while you're in the survey Build tab. The number that follows /id/ is your survey ID.

Your Survey ID Number

To get your Account ID, go to Account > Summary > Account Overview. Your Account ID will be listed in the Your Account section. Note: This will only be available to Account Administrators.

Your Account ID

Once my request has been submitted, what do should I expect?

In Support, we do our very best to ensure all requests are taken care of within a 48-hour window. If the transfer is an emergency and you cannot proceed without it, please feel free contact support and we will do our best to accommodate.

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