Making Sense of Your Survey Data

Key Takeaways

1.  Avoid "data spinning"
Keep metrics in their right perspective. Remember to properly label graph axes.

2.  Graph size
When charting your graphs, your scale needs to include the highest reporting value, but does not need to go higher than that. This makes it eaier to size the graph so that it is easy to ready.

3.  Graphs are not "eye candy"
Graphs certainly make your report visually appealing but don't use them unless they convey a key point related to your survey objective.

4.  Color code charts
Use color in your charts and graphs to connect related items.

5.  Use common units of measurement
Keep in mind that it is easier to make comparisons with percentages than hard numbers.

6.  Only report on actionable items
Unless management can act on it, what does it matter?

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Learn More About the Presenters:

Joe Glines, Co-founder, The Automator

Joe Glines is the co-founder of the-Automator, a small company that specializes in automating reporting and daily tasks. He is a market research and SPSS data analysis expert who has been analyzing data for nearly two decades.

Sandy McKee, Events Coordinator, SurveyGizmo

Sandy is an experienced digital marketer. Known at SurveyGizmo as the Survey Lifeguard, she has helped many customers with their surveys to reduce question bias and survey fatigue and ensure that they are meeting their business goals. She has conducted market research, customer satisfaction, and brand awareness studies.

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