How to Join a Webinar

Connect to the Visual Content

Go to

Under the header labeled - PARTICIPANT, Join a Conference - enter the access code

  • 7171987
  • For SurveyGizmo Spotlight Webinars use access code - 8124888

and select JOIN. Follow the onscreen instructions. 

Connect to the Audio Content

Computer Audio - VOIP:

  • Select the Audio button above the title screen,
  • Choose " Join Audio" and follow the instructions. Your microphone will be muted.


  • Calling from the US, call the toll-free number, 866.740.1260
  • When prompted, enter the access code - 7171987#
  • For SurveyGizmo Spotlight Webinars, enter the access code - 8124888#

If joining a webinar from outside the US, please connect to the audio content using Computer Audio - VOIP, or request a phone number from the webinar host in the chat 5 minutes before the webinar begins.

Test Your Computer

Check compatibility prior to the webinar:

Test your computer

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