Insights Canvas


Insights Canvas Overview
SurveyGizmo's Insights Canvas allows you to build fully-customizable real-time dashboards to share with your clients and/or stakeholders...
Insights Canvas: Canvas Style
There are a variety of options for styling your Insights Canvas . These range from simple color changes all the way to customizations using CSS and JavaScript code. To access the Canvas  Style toolbar, hover-over and click the picture icon...
Insights Canvas: Adding Layout Elements
After creating your Insights Canvas, you will be presented with a blank canvas page. You can begin adding elements by clicking anywhere on the screen or by using the green Insert button located at the bottom of the canvas. There are two types ...
Insights Canvas: Adding Data Elements
There are a number of ways to incorporate your survey data into your Insights Canvas. To add a Data Element, click anywhere on your canvas or click the Insert button at the bottom of your canvas.
Insights Canvas: Run Calculations on Your Survey Data
The C alculation data element allows you to reference survey question data and statistics , run calculations on the data, and output the results to your Insights Canvas (all using SurveyGizmo's Custom Scripting library). Learn about add...
Insights Canvas: Response Feed
Insights Canvas introduces the Response Feed - a new chart type for displaying data collected via open-ended questions such as Textboxes and Essays.
Insights Canvas: Layout & Options
The Layout & Options tab available when editing Insights Canvas elements provides you with a number of settings for making look & feel adjustments.
Insights Canvas: Conditional Styles
Conditional Styles allow you to perform a number of dynamic changes to your Insights Canvas elements based on data associated with any Question Chart elements that have already been added to your canvas. Some of the changes that you can make includ...
Insights Canvas: Sharing Options
There are several options for sharing your Insights Canvas with your clients or stakeholders. Your canvas can be downloaded as a PNG image file, shared online, or emailed to its intended audience. Share a Hard Copy of Your Insights Canvas If you w...
Insights Canvas: Sample Use Case
With this sample use-case, we hope to illustrate just one potential application of the Insights Canvas and give you some ideas about how you can leverage this powerful tool.
Insights Canvas: Global Filters
Insights Canvas Global Filters allow you to create filter conditions based on Data Elements that have been added to your canvas (specifically the surveys associated with those data elements).
Insight Canvas Custom Events
Insights Canvas emits two custom events that you can listen for using JavaScript: load & update. Target these events in your JavaScript to make dynamic changes to your Insights Canvas elements.