Influencer Marketing: To Pay or Not to Pay

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Key Takeaways:

Kristen Matthews, Marketing Director at Group High, surveyed hundreds of influencers. She shared her survey findings:

  • 84% of influencers accept monetary compensation for posts
  • 70% of influencers say that putting out content labeled “sponsored” or “paid” does not affect the authenticity of their work
  • 70% of influencers prefer monetary compensation over any other form of compensation for posts.

Learn More About the Presenters:

Kristen Matthews: Marketing Director at Group High

Kristen is a marketing director with a passion for outreach marketing and building one-on-one relationships that make brands succeed. She is based in Boulder, Colorado and can be found on Twitter @KristenWords.

Sandy McKee: Training & Event Specialist at SurveyGizmo

Sandy is an experienced digital marketer. Known at SurveyGizmo as the Survey Lifeguard, she has helped many customers with their surveys to reduce question bias and survey fatigue and ensure that they are meeting their business goals. She has conducted market research, customer satisfaction, and brand awareness studies.

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