Get The Most Out of 360 Surveys: Best Practices and Pitfalls to Avoid

As more and more HR departments switch from the traditional employee review to a 360 survey review, you might be wondering why. 

Traditional employee performance reviews give a single, top-down perspective, which is limited and tells only one piece of the story. 360 reviews combine perceptions from managers and peers to give you a complete view of the employee's teamwork, communication, leadership potential, and management skills. This comprehensive view allows you to help your employees make meaningful and informed decisions about their career growth.

360  reviews offer great development insights, but only if leaders are supported to use the feedback in a constructive and positive way. It's important to have a full understanding and plan before you make the switch.

That's why we invited Industry expert, Dr. Leanne Buehler, Managing Partner and VP of Consulting Solutions at New Measure's, to share her years of professional experince in helping organizations impact their employee's career growth and developmenent.

 Watch the Video Recording

Watch the full recording to learn::

  • The benefits and pitfalls of 360 surveys.
  • The right questions to ask in a 360 survey.
  • The emotions of receiving feeback.
  • How to support and coach leaders going through the 360 survey process.
  • How to support leaders with different types of reactions to 360 feedback.
  • Tips and best practices for implementing powerful 360 survey reviews.

Support your employees' career growth and foster your future leaders!

Learn More About Leanne Buehler, Ph.D.:

Leanne Buehler, Ph.D.: New Measures Managing Partner and VP of Consulting Solutions

New Measures helps organizations excel by being more intentional about leadership, culture and the employee experience.

Leanne has 16+ years of professional experience in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. At New Measures, she is responsible for helping organizations achieve results through the use of innovative survey tools that align stakeholder experiences with culture and business objectives.

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