Foster Workplace Engagement with an Employee Engagement Survey

Did you know that 70% of U.S. workers don't like their job? Dissatisfied workers are less engaged and productive. Don't assume that an increase in pay will solve the problem. Feeling valued and appreciated are bigger factors when it comes to job satisfaction than pay.

Successful businesses know that they can increase productivity and revenue by keeping their employees engaged and motivated.  How do they do it?

We've invited Kendra Prospero, CEO and Founder of Turning The Corner, to share her expertise on how to create a culture where managers and employees share common goals and work together to meet them.

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Employee Engagement Survey Tips

  • Before launching your engagement survey make sure you have determined:
    1. The desired outcome for the engagement survey
    2. How you will communicate the results to your employees
    3. What actions you will take based on the results.
  • Avoid survey fatigue by focusing on a specific topic and limiting the survey to 10 questions.
  • Avoid leading and double-barreled questions. Keep your questions simple and neutral.
  • Measure engagement on a regulary basis (quarterly) and bench mak your results
  • Clearly communicate the results to employees and how you will (or won't) address the issues.
  •  Commit to an actin plan! Develop a task force to gather ideas  and help implement the action plan.

Get more tips like these by listening to the full webinar recording!

Learn More About Kendra Prospero:

Kendra Prospero: CEO and Founder,  Turning The Corner

Turning the Corner is one of the few firms in the nation that supports both job seekers and businesses.

Kendra started Turning the Corner, LLC after realizing she was spending all her time thinking about how she could help people be more fulfilled in their jobs. At IBM, she worked in software development, consulting services, sales support, and training. On the side, she spent years counseling coworkers on their careers, giving resume advice and bringing talented people together. She has helped many people land great positions in fields they are passionate about and are thriving in.

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