How Do I Transfer My Surveys to the EU or Canadian Server?

If you are looking to move a survey from a US account to another US account, a US survey transfer request form is required.

In case you missed it; we now have both a European Union (EU) and a Canadian (CA) data center! 

All data in these accounts will 100% stored within their respective locations. 

We want all our community members to have their preferred storage option, but for privacy and security reasons accounts, surveys, and data can only be stored on one server (not both).

We are very excited to announce that it is now possible to transfer your surveys from a US account to your new EU or CA account (at this time data cannot be transferred from EU to EU or CA to CA).

What Will be Transferred?

Great question! SurveyGizmo Support will only move the survey build from the US data center to the EU data center or Canadian data center. The style, links, Campaigns and translations will need to be rebuilt. Data will need to be imported and will be your responsibility.

In addition, the survey ID and element IDs will change. This means it is not possible to transfer over links. If you have any Custom scripting in your survey, please note that you will need to make the appropriate adjustments once the survey has been transferred over. 

Is There a Charge?

Because the US, EU, and Canada servers are completely separate, we do not have an automated way to transfer data from one server to another. As a result, this is manual work so we are only able to move up to 10 surveys at no charge. Each additional survey will be $10. Surveys must be in the open status in order to be moved from US to EU.

What do I need to do to transfer my data to the EU or Canada server?

  1. Start by creating an EU or Canadian SurveyGizmo account: click here to create an EU account or click here to create a Canadian account.
  2. Next, fill out this Request Form. Here's what we'll ask for to complete your request. It is very important to note that only Account Administrators can fill out this request.
    • The survey ID(s) and names
    • The account IDs for your US and EU/CA account
    • Admin Contact information
    • Signature from account Admin
  3. Check your survey/s for questions/pages that are linked to the Question Library. Question and page elements linked to the Question Library must be unlinked. Learn more about linked elements including how to unlink them in our Question Library Tutorial.
  4. Once our Support team has received this request, our Billing team will email you an invoice for the subscription level you specified when you signed up for your new EU or Canadian account. If you have decided to close your US account as part of your move to EU/CA account, you will only have two weeks access to your US account starting when the request was submitted. 
  5. Next, once the request has been completed on our end, you're ready to export all of your responses for the surveys you have requested to have transferred. Check out our Export Raw Data Tutorialfor steps on how to export your data. When exporting, make sure you are including all of your response statuses and NOT applying filters to the export. We want to do all that we can to include every piece of data.
  6. Once your data has been exported, read over the sections of the Data Import Tool Tutorial that cover how to optimize your import, formatting your file, and supported question types and adjust your data accordingly.

How do I find my account and survey IDs?

The easiest way to get multiple survey IDs is to use our download survey list tool on your home page. Click the Download Survey List link in the bottom-right corner of your home page. Please note this option is available for administrative users only.

The Project List will include the following fields:

  • Survey ID
  • Survey Name
  • Project Type: Survey, Quiz, Form or Poll
  • Folder ID:
  • Date and Time Created
  • Date and Time Closed
  • User Name: This is the user's name who created the project
  • User Email: This is the user's email who created the project
  • Team Names
  • Status: Open, Closed, Deleted

If you are not an account administrator you can obtain the Survey ID from the URL while you're in the survey builder. The number that follows /id/ is your survey ID.

Survey ID

To get your account ID go to Account > Summary > Account Overview. Your Account ID will be listed as part of your Billing Information. Note: This will only be available to account administrators.

Account ID

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