5 Tips To Improve Your Alumni Survey

5 Alumni Tips from a Research Expert

1.  Only ask what you need to know.  If you already have the data, don't ask for it again. 

2.  Keep it personal and include a familar name in the from address.

3.  Choose the right survey question types (see our examples in this webinar).

4.  Know your audience and customize your questions for them.

5.  Find out what works for YOU.

Watch the full webinar recording below to get all of the details!

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Learn More About the Presenter:

Maryann Griffin is the Research Analyst at Wilmington University’s Office of Institutional Research. She has been assisting her department in managing the university’s use of surveys for current students, faculty, staff, and alumni since she began at the university 2 years ago. Maryann has been in higher education for 8 years, and her primary focus and interest has been institutional research and data analysis.

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